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And you think that's exciting, wait until I share with you how you can "weed out" the unattractive women (profile pictures can be deceiving!

) and still have a never-ending stream of beautiful women wanting to date you.

Darion ( The Playbook: Dating Advantage Workshop NFL Edition.

Understanding the lingo, concept and being able to have a knowledgeable discussion about it will provide you an additional opportunity to have a man pursue you. Yeah, being able to connect with a man and show interest in something that he’s passionate about - especially something that women don't typically engage in - will appeal to him and organically trigger him to gravitate towards you. Yeah, a man’s guard evaporates when he is watching football.

Whether it’s at a sports bars or house viewing party, you will have ample opportunities to engage with as many men as you want during the season.I suggest you bring along your girls so they understand how you can all win together as a team. Yeah, men are usually with their friends while they watch football.So it’s important that you and your girls are all on the same page when you enter the spot.This strategy provides all of you an opportunity to increase your odds of connecting with men. Yeah, it’s time to stop complaining as you must become more active in creating success for yourself in the matters of love while also sharpening your interpersonal skills.Many women don't realize it, but just being able to talk to a man about football gives you a unique advantage. Yeah, I’ll explain everything you need to know during the workshop. It will contain:- Football knowledge- Icebreakers- DOs and DON'Ts- And exactly what to do in situations you may find yourself in while you make your move You have two options to retrieve The Playbook.

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